Outline for the day

On the day of the summit you will need to

  1. Watch the Introduction video.
  2. Read through this page, including the code of conduct
  3. Edit your profile and choose a profile picture that represents how you feel things have gone in the last 18 months?
  4. Watch the video guide on How to use the Live Chat

What will happen during the 2021 Youth Summit

The event will explore how people and societies respond and react to pandemics, in particular COVID 19. Discussions in the day will also explore wider societal issues which have surfaced in recent years such as misinformation, fake news and a growing lack of trust in science.

Timetable of the day




9.45am Summit opens Fill out your profile. The Common Room chat will be open.
10.00-10.35am Welcome. Dr Alwan on pandemics. A description of the icebreaker activity is available below the video.
10.35-11.35am How can we manage pandemics? Exploring approaches Inspired by real government action, take a look at our fictional scenarios and discuss.
11.35-11.40pm Voting on key points Vote and rank what the key points that came up in your discussions were
11.40-11.50am Screen Break! 10 mins away from all screens please
11.50am-12.00pm General Assembly Student nominees present their thoughts and findings from their chat rooms
12.00-1.00pm Lunch Break!
1.00-1.50pm Exploratory talk from Dr Roozenbeek Dr. Roozenbeek discusses wider issues in society uncovered during the pandemic. then discuss in chat rooms
1.50-1.55pm Screen Break! 5 mins away from all screens please
1.55-2.15pm Final Assembly Time to reflect on what’s been said. What do you want to say to Christmas Lecturer Prof Jonathan Van Tam?
2.15pm Thank you and goodbye


You will only interact via text-based chatrooms. There will be no video or audio interaction. All chatrooms will be moderated by DBS-checked supervisors. Our full code of conduct will be available to read from your profile page.

More information: https://www.rigb.org/education/youth-summit

Research materials

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