Ri Online Youth Summit 2021

👋 The Summit is now over, but here’s what happened:

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Thank you all for your work during the day and for your honest thoughts and opinions.

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Final Assembly

Time to reflect on what’s been said. What do you want to say to Christmas Lecturer Prof Jonathan Van Tam?

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Exploratory talk from Dr. Roozenbeek

Dr. Roozenbeek discusses wider issues in society uncovered during the pandemic.

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General Assembly

Time to hear from some of your student nominees about your morning thoughts and key points.
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Time to vote on the most important key points and discussions from this morning.
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How can we manage pandemics? Exploring approaches

Inspired by real government action, take a look at our fictional scenarios and discuss.
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Introduction and Dr Alwan on pandemics

Dr Alwan discusses pandemics. What they are and how we measure them.

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The Youth Summit is a free online one-day event bringing together sixth-form and college students, aged 16-18, from around the country to discuss and debate the topics of the Christmas Lectures.

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